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President Message - Broken Beaver Dam

Hello everyone,

There is an area of swamp/wetlands located just behind and above the granite quarry on highway 35 at the southwest end of Mountain Lake. It drains naturally down into the Lake by way of a creek and culverts under Brunswick Drive and highway 35. Brunswick Drive is a short road running south off of highway 35 and is right next to the entrance way of the granite quarry. About fifty feet of this road surface was washed away by a massive surge of water and debris on Monday evening as a result of the collapse of a beaver dam due to high water levels and excessive rains over the past few weeks. The surge left behind a lot of branches, logs and pieces of wood in the south bay area. Looking closely, I could see no human garbage, waste or sewage amongst all this debris. Also, there was no distinct smell that would indicate anything other than natural ordours stemming from rotting wood and wetland residue.

I was told that this is the third time this has happened in the last 11 years and no harm of any kind has ensued from any of these other incidents. The debris and sediment eventually settle to the bottom of the Lake and the water naturally clears itself over time with rain and wave action. I would suggest that a working and efficient water filtration system should be adequate and safe enough for property owners who draw water from the Lake for household use.

As property owners on the Lake we are at somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to competing with Mother Nature’s forces. The wetlands area is a natural wildlife habitat and the beaver is protected species – so I don’t think we will get any help or support from the Ministry of Environment or the Ministry of Natural Resources.

If you have any more concerns or suggestions please contact me.

Enclosed are some pictures of the damaged road surface, it’s culvert and the creek in question. This will also be posted on our FB page.




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