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Here you will find all pertinent information regarding becoming a member of the MLPOA and why membership is a key step in supporting your lake community.

Why Join?

Why Become a MLPOA Member

The Mountain Lake Community consists of close to 250 properties. Joining the association is completely voluntary, but with continued annual support of the association new and old opportunities can thrive. Member support allows for the association to expand its involvements, activities, initiatives in the interest of all property owners and for the preservation of our lake.

Please contact a director if you would like to volunteer. 

MLPOA Currently Supports and Sponsors:

  • Bi-annual newsletters 

  • Voting privileges at the Annual Members' Meeting 

  • Periodic lake water quality testing and invasive species monitoring

  • Maintenance of the Judge Jordan Road Boat Launch

  • Insurance premiums for MLPOA activities 

  • Partnerships/communication with organizations pertinent to our lake’s future (municipal, provincial and federal) e.g. CHA. FOCA, CEWF, Lake Steward Program, Loon Watch Program

  • Support of local charities including an annual donation to the Minden food bank

  • A Lake Swim, a fun-filled Family Picnic at the Boat Launch with food and refreshments served by dedicated volunteers, and the ever-popular Annual Golf Tournament and barbeque

  • Active executive and committees working on your behalf

  • Access to members-only website pages

How to Become a MLPOA Member

How to join?

Step One

Set up your membership account by clicking Sign Up.

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Step Two

Follow payment instructions to submit MLPOA Annual payment.


If you are a first-time member, please wait for your account activation email after signing up and paying your membership fee.

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Step Three

Login to your account where you can update your information and have access to members only areas.

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Alternately if you would like to fill in the membership form - click here

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