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An Ode to Canada Day

Can I have everyone's attention for a special Canada Day rhyme

We've lost more than a year to these darn COVID times

We've missed out on Christmas and out on New Years

We've missed out on Easter and St. Patty's last year

We've been isolating and doing our best

We've all been struggling and put to the test

We've become experts in the art of zoom

We watch our TVs with its doom and gloom

We've worked from our hoses and sometimes our cars

We weren't allowed out and they closed all the bars

But summer's finally here and the sun is shining

So we are going to have fun and be done with the whining

So raise up your glasses to a Canada Day cheer

Here's to wishing and hoping 21 is a much better year

Happy Canada Day!

Post by Jim, Fairfield Bay


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